About the Author

Poetry has been the underlying essence of my life for almost fifty years. I began earnestly writing poetry in 1969 while in the United States Army. Writing became an outlet and personal exploration following my discovery that military life was antithetical to what I had been taught in the Methodist Church and learned in public school.

In early 1972, “10 to 17 February Afternoons” was written. Sunrise Tortoise was founded in 1977 and I published that collection of pieces along with many early poems. Thirty five years and six books later, sunrisetortoise.com has become a reality.

Throughout my adult life I have “worked not to work” in order to have extended periods of time to be creative. Whenever my financial condition demanded a return to the work-a-day world, it was my good fortune to find sufficient and interesting employment.

The first 28 years of my life were spent in the Puget Sound region of western Washington. In 1976 I made an oath that if the State of Washington voted for nuclear power and/or Dixie Lee Ray was elected Governor, I would leave. When both of these events did occur, I purchased an old Dodge van and drove east, landing in Sandpoint, Idaho two weeks after the election.

Since 1986, my wife Karen and I have overlooked Lake Pend d’ Oreille from our home in the City of Hope. For over ten years it was my privilege to serve the city as Councilman and Mayor.

My two sons, Aaron and Orion, are now older than thirty. By adding their children Ryley and Brooke to the family, Aaron and his wife Dannette have allowed me to be “Grandpa.” Aaron is following his maternal grandfather’s success in the heating and plumbing business, and Orion has been lending me his formatting expertise while he begins his Architectural career.

I consider Creativity to be a gift and feel that I am merely the one behind the pencil. For that reason, whenever a biography was requested of me in the past, I sent a copy of “Self Portrait,” a poem that found its way into Metamorphosis in 1989.

As the dedication in The Collected Poetry 1969-2012 states, I am forever grateful. . .
For The Many Mentors
Teachers and Friends
Who have been so Kind
To Grace my Life

February 2018